Hes so tired and relaxed that his tongues sticking out 😴 sleepy dobe
Dober cuddles ❤️
Hairstyle of the day! Come on by ladies to Aubrees haircutters salon, for updos ask for Kevin! 1052 N. Carrier Pkwy, grand prairie Tx 75050
Its that time of the year! 😈🍂🎃👻 btw im in love with my ps vita, best purchase of the year!! #nightmarebeforechristmas #psvita
He likes look out the window 😊




O. M. G.

I feel better now. I needed something cute like this.
First beer at the fair yesterday funnel cake ale. Only thing funnel cake about this is the powder sugar on the rim -.- #texasstatefair #funnelcakeale